Since 1994 Cemas has been producing high quality nodular and grey cast iron parts by the reference of TS ISO 16949 for customer request and machined within the factory and delivered parts for assembly lines
Some parts that are produced (Click for Photos)

Gear box,transmission boxes, axe case,hydraulic body;front gear body,spring connection parts;exhaust manifold gasket,differential body,bracket,supports,brake disc and thimble,clutch pressure plate and frames,suspension arms,ball joints,steering connection plates,flywheel,flywheel body and flywheel cover,crankshaft,water pump body and components,air conditioner parts ,drum,hub,motor connection clamps,spring bearing,motor cap,front support,planet gears,thermostat body,regulator body,brake pistons,balancing body etc.


For many years ,Cemas is producing cast parts with high quality and conscientiously ,machining and ready to use in assembly lines for white goods in Turkey.
For washing machines roller bearing(Click for Photos) and compressor body,cranks for refrigerators (Click for Photos)

MACHINE PARTS(Click for Photos)

Cemas is producing nodular and grey iron and machining parts for industrial machine,marine,construction,compressor ,hydraulic pump ,heavy construction equipments and many sectors like these.



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