Georg Fischer SAM 6/70 Sand mixer 60 ton/hr full automatic ,SMC Auto control unit.
Webac 75-B Sand mixer 30 ton/hr full automatic.
Schenck sand cooler 90 ton/hr capacity ,full automatic.

According to parts, specific control plans are prepared and the following tests are done periodically

Sand Test Equipments:

1) PST: Moulding capability measuring device
2) PRA: Test sample preparation 
3) PED: Gas permeability test equipment
4) PVG: Compressibility test equipment
5) PFZ:Wet tensile equipment 
6) PFG: Universal tensile
7) PSR: Press tensile
8) PNM: Low pressure scale
9) PQS: Chopping tensile
10) PSP: Cracking tensile
11) PHD: Dry press tensile
12) MF-30: Humidity measurement
13) ST3300-E: Accurate balance
14) M1609-P: Crematorium
15) PMP: Methylene blue
16) PMK: Digital Methylene blue
17) PNZ-D :Wet tensile measurement
18) PMT :Automatic complex sand test equipment.


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