Pattern and core box design is done according to customer incoming 2 and 3 dimensional technical drawings by cad cam solid modelling.These patterns and core boxes are made of wood; araldite; aluminum or steel material in CEMAS own pattern shop with CNC machines.

• LER VH100 fast prototype CNC Vertical Milling Center 

• Thickness Measurement device (Tork machine)

• Plane (Tork Machine)

• Horizontal circular saw (Tork Machine)

• Small drill bench (Tiryaki Machine )

• Wood lathe(Sebinler)

• Lathe(TaksanTU-500, X:1500, Ø 200)

• Borwerk (Union X:1250 Y: 1500 Z: 1000)

• Plane (Vargel, X:1250 Y: 1500 Z: 1000)

• Milling Machine (TaksanTKF-260800x60)

• Milling Machine (Gentiger1200x260SHCM-97 VS)



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