Cleaning after casting of the products are done by six automatic cleaning machines

  • Wheelabrator Berger,drum type,
  • Taifun,drum type
  • Endümak, sling type,
  • Saygılı, sling type,
  • BSM, sling type,
  • Zemak,sling type.

In order to protect products from corrosion ,hot air dryer painting line exists.
The feeders and gatings are separated from products by hydraulic brakers on shaky sieve


For grinding elements special made drum cleaner(3 units) and cracking machine (3 units)exist.

In order to grind extras and cast product burrs 1 unit KOYAMA automatic grinding machine (Barinder Machine) (PSAG F400 TT), semi-automatic grinding machine (1 unit) , Ø600 mm manuel grinding machine(6 units) ;pandule grinding and other chopping items like hydraulic hatchets exist.

New cleaning machine ( Runners are cleaning with 6 turbines continue cleaning machine and runners are breaking with crusher )


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